Davia Longworth Survivor

David Longworth Survivor

Survivor, The true life story of a US Navy Pilot who went from farm boy to the life of a dive-bomber in Korea. Dr. David W. Longworth is a practicing Orthodontist in Watertown, South Dakota.

In his book, David takes you back to an era that is often referred to as a more “gentler time.” Joining the US Navy after World War II, David chases his dream of becoming a fighter Pilot receiving his Naval Aviator wings in 1951. Flying a bombing mission over North Korea he encountered enemy action and was shot down just three miles off the North Korean coast.

David writes with a light hearted and humorous style, reminiscing about growing up on a 1930’s mid-west farm, using his imagination in place of material things for toys and adventure, and manages to capture the spirit and exuberance of the times.

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